Celebrating Procurement Excellence  

Extraordinary Stories is a celebration of the great work, resilience and solidarity shown by the procurement profession since the start of 2020

Submissions are now closed. See the winning stories unveiled, and follow us on LinkedIn for further insight into these stories during the Festival of Recognition, beginning October 15.

Video Showcase

Celebrating Extraordinary Stories Across 5 Themes

Resilience & agility

Positive social impact 

Digital acceleration

How to follow the Extraordinary Stories Series?

Attend our World Procurement Congress from October 12-14 where the winning Extraordinary Stories will be unveiled.
Follow Procurement Leaders LinkedIn Account during the Festival of Recognition, beginning October 15th.

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A selection of the most impressive Extraordinary Stories will be unveiled during the World Procurement Congress in October 2021 through a video showcase
Stories chosen by the Selection Board will be highlighted to the procurement ecosystem during a month-long festival of recognition on social media, beginning October 15, 2021.
More info: stories@procurementleaders.com

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Opportunity in adversity 

Outstanding employee care 

Recognising the functions that kept delivering to strategic goals while simultaneously switching gears to cope with the crisis

Highlighting how procurement stepped up in support of community or social needs to change society for the better 

Celebrating the functions that adapted at pace to implement new digital solutions to help cope with the new normal

Showcasing the teams that turned disruption challenges into opportunities for accessing new value

Acknowledging the outstanding effort made by procurement leadership in supporting their team through such testing times

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