Innovation In Resilient Supplier Networks

Driving resiliency through action

David Cain

Day two of Innovation: In virtual event carried over the momentum from day one of the event with a variety of great speakers who touched on several important themes pertaining to procurement’s role in establishing resilience.

While we are all aware of the importance of resiliency, there can be some ambiguity as to how that concept can be translated in to plans and actions that truly strengthen supply chains and de-risk supply; those real-world actions and plans were the focal point for the speakers on day two. While there were numerous themes that came out of today’s sessions, I will focus on three takeaways that illustrate how teams can act towards being more resilient.

Strong, empathetic leadership is a must-have element

The strength of those in leadership will always be recognized as a key component of why organizations succeed, but sometimes, especially in times of crisis, strength can only get you so far. Employees want leaders who can show the necessary qualities to lead, but they also want leaders who they can relate to and they feel understand them as people as well as employees.

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