World Procurement Congress 2021

Rebuilding the future

Day 1: 12 October


Days 2-3: 13-14 October​


Rebuilding the future

The pandemic has propelled procurement’s contribution to growth, innovation and transformation like never before. But how do leaders maintain the momentum and make strategic decisions that deliver sustainable and resilient growth? 

Find answers to this question and many more at the 2021 World Procurement Congress.

The 3 day gathering is a highlight on the procurement calendar. Every year leaders use the event to boost collaboration and innovation within the sector and ensure there is a space for intriguing conversations. 

A Hybrid Event Experience

Join us at in-person sessions in London or dial into the broadcast stream to make the most of global insights and connections irrespective of travel constraints.

Day 1 will be fully virtual while Day 2 and 3 will be in-person with a broadcast stream.

A Meeting of Leaders​

The Congress is an opportunity for your entire team to learn, interact and grow. Case studies and panel debates will challenge your thinking on how to cultivate leadership for sustainable, resilient growth. Here is the audience you can expect to see throughout the Congress: 

Chief Procurement Officer​s

What makes CPOs tick? What investments are CPOs championing? The world’s most progressive CPOs will share first-hand insight through a series of keynote presentations and working groups​

Excellence Leaders​

Ensure that you are always at the cutting edge. Attendees with responsibilities over governance, procurement capabilities and quantifying data can get involved in sessions to enhance their skills and grow their knowledge base​

Digital Leaders​

How has digital been used during the pandemic and how will it be used post-Covid? Attendees with digital responsibilities and expertise will learn about progression in digital from industry leaders in the procurement sector​

Solution Providers​

Engage with the world’s largest virtual procurement audience through a range of bespoke partnership opportunities created to demonstrate your thought leadership, raise awareness and generate leads​

Category Leaders​

Through an itinerary built on insights on re-thinking spend patterns and re-writing category plans, category leaders will have the opportunity to deep-dive into strategic categories that bring competitive advantage to the business providers to help accelerate your transformation journey

Sustainability Leaders ​

Sustainability and positive growth will be at the forefront of the Congress this year. Hear from a diverse range of sustainability leaders about how to move forward in a way that is efficient and lasting ​


Kai Nowosel
Stuart Caborn
Nomad Foods
Angela Qu
Chief Procurement Officer
Mehrdad Kalantary
VP Group Purchasing
Electrolux AB
Adam Weisswasser
Senior Vice President, Global Supply Chain
AngloGold Ashanti

Why World Procurement Congress?

Use the power of getting together with your peers to benchmark, get inspired and gain the strategic and practical tool kit to build resilient growth and drive impact.

Actionable insight

Hear from leaders and innovators on the next steps they are taking to deliver sustainable growth. Leave the WPC knowing that you have the knowledge to help your company move in the right direction and take advantage of insights from industry leaders.


Hear extraordinary stories of business resilience and building strong, lasting initiatives. One of the greatest parts of the World Procurement Congress is the variety of perspectives on show. You can learn something new from every speaker and every person you run into. Then you can take that inspiration into your everyday working life and improve the way you do business

Premium content

Get insights gleaned from the premier practitioners’ global community plus PL’s analysis you cannot access elsewhere. Every year there is an opportunity to gain an edge over your competitor and enhance your own workflow. The diverse range of premium and exclusive content available at the WPC this year will give you the opportunity to learn from the best and build up a bank of valuable resources. 

Global connections

The additional “broadcast” dimension to our events allows you to benefit from both speakers and connections with no travel or time zone constraints. It is a truly global event, encompassing stories, perspectives and ideas from pioneers from all around the world. As you develop or expand your own practice these global connections could provide a vital stepping stone and a way to organically grow your own international network. 


How long since you were able to have that valuable conversation while queuing in front of the barista? At this year’s WPC you will be able to harness the invaluable power of peer-to-peer connections. Over the past year we’ve missed those organic connections.  We’ve missed the seemingly innocuous conversations that lead to breakthroughs and vital connections.

Networking is a huge part of the procurement business. The World Procurement Congress will be one of the best places to network with peers this year

Agenda at a glance

Post pandemic leadership: How leading an organisation is changing in the new business reality

What does a new world order mean for the supply chain of the future?

ESG – How are net zero objectives transforming decision making?

Emerging tech of today & tomorrow

What does the future of the workplace look like?

Nurturing the eco-system – Collaboration leading to scaled up innovation

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