Procurement Leaders • Sustainability Statement of Intent

Procurement Leaders is committed to creating a more sustainable future.

We understand that without a healthy and sustainable environment, there will be no future in which we, as a business, can thrive.

Member commitment

We know how important sustainability is to our members and we commit ourselves to building a sustainable future.

That commitment will be underpinned by the decisions we make at an organisation level, how we support staff to make more environmentally-sound decisions, and how we bring about a culture that champions sustainable behaviour and practices.

Focus on three areas

Procurement Leaders will be part of creating a more sustainable future through changes we make to our own operations and in how we support our network, focusing on three areas:

What we provide

Our events and membership activities will minimise waste, opt for reusable materials where possible, and encourage more sustainable ways for customers to participate

  • Card and paper will be replaced with alternatives
  • Sustainable options for events suppliers, where possible
  • Supporting the events team to work towards ISO20121
  • Choosing more sustainable venues

What we buy

Where possible we will choose to buy the more sustainable option

  • Supporting travel alternatives to flights and investigating carbon offsetting schemes
  • Auditing facilities, energy, packaging for sustainable alternatives
  • Encouraging and supporting staff to buy from sustainable suppliers where possible
  • Purchasing our office goods and services from not only sustainable suppliers, but also those owned and managed by diverse groups

Our individual actions

We will reduce waste, educate and encourage more sustainable decision making among our staff and actively pursue ideas on how to become more sustainable as a business and as individuals

  • Rewarding sustainable initiatives and encouraging more environmentally-conscious behaviour in our day-to-day operations
  • Committing to becoming better informed, learning what choices are available