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Despite disruption and uncertainty, great opportunity exists for CPOs

Today marks an inflection point for the world and for procurement. 

Climate change, artificial intelligence, geopolitical uncertainty, and demographic changes are among the trends reshaping the world as we know it. 

This great reshaping brings with it challenges, but also opportunities – especially for procurement. 

From driving down carbon emissions to embedding new autonomous AI technologies and reformatting supply chains, the function is one of the central enablers of these trends and the growth opportunities that surround them. 

The journey towards delivering this growth starts now. 

Whether you are just starting out or are pushing at the boundaries of what is possible through AI, the next few years will determine what this new world looks like as well as your organisation’s success. 

Procurement Leaders wants to help you on this journey.

By engaging with our members and partners, we will create opportunities for the community to connect, share besand debate how to deliver this future. 

To help enable this journey, we have created five glide paths to sustainable growth, which will form our key focus over the next seven years:

  • ESG
  • Resilience
  • Performance
  • Partnerships
  • Digitalisation


  • Horizon 2030: Transparent, socially responsible and circular supply chains with a clear route to net zero.
  • 2024 focus: Gathering and utilising primary Scope 3 emissions data.


  • Horizon 2030: Fully mapped supply chains with integrated predictive analytics used to mitigate disruption and prescribe action.
  • 2024 focus: Mapping Tier 2 supply chains and risks.


  • Horizon 2030: Interconnected and agile procurement teams driving top and bottom-line financial impact.
  • 2024 focus: Creating agile operating models for enhanced value delivery.


  • Horizon 2030: Procurement-enabled networks of collaboration powering product and service innovation.
  • 2024 focus: Building the infrastructure and capabilities for early supplier involvement.


  • Horizon 2030: Near touch-free procurement that harnesses real-time data analytics and autonomous co-pilots.
  • 2024 focus: Demystifying the AI procuretech landscape.

Maturity focus

Procurement Leaders emphasises a focus on maturity, recognising that organisations are at different stages of their transformation journeys


  • Discover:
  • Procurement functions embarking on their journey in a given field.
  • Rarely involved early in strategic business conversations.
  • A focus on cost and on-time delivery.


  • Procurement functions that are established in a given field
  • Focused on the implementation of industry best practice
  • A focus on return on investment


  • Procurement functions forging ahead in a given field, exploring what’s next.
  • Trailblazers piloting cutting-edge technologies, processes, and operating models.
  • A focus on total, sustainable value creation.

To support organisations at each stage, Procurement Leaders supports members through: 

  • Strategy Cohorts – dedicated communities for active and engaged strategy leaders
  • CPO Connect Calls 
  • Events
  • Advisory
  • Research
  • Case studies

This comprehensive approach ensures that members can engage and learn, regardless of their position on the maturity spectrum.

Procurement Leaders invites the procurement community to join our network to join us on this transformative journey to sustainable growth. Together, we can propel the procurement function into a future defined by innovation, resilience, and performance. The journey toward Horizon 2030 starts now.

If you would like to find out more about joining the Procurement Leaders network and being a part of this journey, contact us and a member of our team will be in touch. 

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