Procurement technology roadmap

A procurement technology roadmap to solve today’s problems

Jonathan Webb

We gathered together some of the leading procurement thinkers in Asia to debate the current and future of technology in the function.

It is perhaps a cliché that the world is evolving faster than we can keep up. But in the pace of technological development is creating accelerating demands on executives.

“Many of the solutions and platforms change,” noted one telecommunications CPO. “That’s normal. But in recent years, the shifts have been dramatic.”

Find a time-horizon that meets your current needs

The pressure to deliver innovation is leading executives to search for tools from a wider pool of solution providers. Within our survey of Asia-based leaders, we found that 100% stated an intention to switch to a best-of-breed model. This is placing extra pressures on executives on managing a more disparate architecture. “We spend a lot of time in terms of integration, and this cannot be underestimated.”

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