Digital collaboration platform

Clariant’s approach to establishing a digital collaboration platform for agile project delivery

Alex Johnston

Speciality chemicals company Clariant have built an engine to drive innovations to support delivery of the enterprise strategy, build procurement excellence and improve operational efficiency.



Clariant is a multinational specialty chemicals company headquartered in Switzerland, focusing on three core business areas: care chemicals, catalysis and natural resources. It has a strong and ambitious strategy, committing to robust targets around sustainability and placing a strong focus on innovation.

To support this ambitious strategy, procurement developed a transformative vision of its own, reshaping its value proposition to include delivering value beyond savings and driving competitive advantage. To deliver against this, procurement required an engine to drive innovations.

The volatility of the chemicals market means that agility and speed were essential aspects to delivering these innovative projects. Traditional project management techniques did not deliver quickly enough for Clariant’s needs or align closely enough with user requirements.

Consequently, procurement needed a clear structure for developing high impact ideas and a model to deliver them at speed. Solving this required a new, agile, project delivery mechanism and a digital platform to underpin it.

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