Resilient supplier networks

Procurement’s role in establishing resilient supplier networks

PL Staff

A potential competitive advantage, resiliency is a growth driver that is becoming a critical capability for organisations. Through the events of the past fourteen months supplier risk has become part of board level discussions, and after all of procurement’s efforts throughout these events, CPOs now have a clear case for why they should be central to any resiliency effort.

For all those procurement functions turning their organisations into resilient entities, here are our three key takeaways of day 1 of our Innovation:In: Resilient supplier networks virtual event.

Virtually every speaker touched upon the topic of visibility, not surprising as we have been talking about it for years. However, the weight we put on it has changed significantly. Areas with no supply chain visibility are now flagged as ‘risks’ rather than a ‘tactical issue’, and as our visibility increases, proactive risk management becomes the norm. More interestingly, we are learning about additional benefits and considerations of this improved visibility.

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