Procurement’s Operational Revolution

Discover the emerging roles in the procurement team and the top digital investment areas for 2022. Clariant share their approach to building a digital collaboration platform for agile project delivery.

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Leading procurement teams will look drastically different in coming years as skill sets evolve, talent profiles change and new technologies emerge. What will remain consistent during the coming months, however, is they will need to be able to adapt  at pace to create a more collaborative, connected, nimble function.


of CPOs are creating new roles and responsibilities in 2022.

CPOs consistently recognise the need to be bold, look beyond the category management structure and begin to invest in skills will enable procurement to take on more strategic activities.

Those roles will diverge between taking advantage of the power of digital solutions to automate and provide services and data to the rest of the business, and providing stakeholder facing capability

“The next step for us is to focus on creating a procurement ambassador role. They will be able to better able to sit within business units and involve the right category management staff to focus on the business unit’s needs”

CPO, technology company


of CPOs say they plan to invest in supplier performance management solutions during 2022.

Although companies in some industries may have tight budgets, leaders remain keen to invest in technology, particularly tools that will support them in contributing to the business’s emerging priorities:

Actions taken by CPOs to drive growth in 2022

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