Supply Chains Supporting Shareholder Objectives

Discover the top actions CPOs are taking to reach ambitious sustainability goals in 2022 to go above and beyond inclusive supply chains.

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More procurement teams are being tasked with contributing to innovation, top-line growth and delivering to corporate, customer and shareholder values through the choices they make in the supply chain. As this shift becomes more pronounced, functions must move at pace to deliver, not least to the ESG and diversity agendas that require new relationships, technologies, capabilities and strategies to move at pace.


The proportion of corporate sustainability impacts that stems from the supply chain. ​

From Scope 3 emissions to sweatshops, procurement teams are under growing pressure to demonstrate how the supply chain contributes the organisation’s ESG objectives

While the understanding of these agendas has become more sophisticated, procurement teams face pressure to take a more strategic approach to managing suppliers in a way that aligns with the business-wide goals around key areas such as diversity and inclusivity.​

“We need to create strategic opportunities for diverse suppliers, not just include them in our spend”

Supply chain sustainability and inclusion head, financial services organisation ​


The percentage of CPOs who say procurement will play an important role in securing a sustainable future by 2025.

In the past, procurement has followed other functions’ lead. There is a strong contingent who argue that progress made in these areas defines the long-term success of the procurement and, with it, the business too.

Actions being taken by CPOs to address ambitious ESG goals in 2022

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