External workforce strategy for procurement teams

External workforce strategy for procurement teams

By PL Staff

By PL Staff

17 February 2021

How should procurement teams respond to a recent external workforce trends?

Global lockdowns have become very familiar to most of the world over the past year. How has this played out in the context of recent external workforce trends? And how should procurement teams respond?

To get answers for you, we interviewed Arun Srinivasan, General Manager at SAP Fieldglass and Andreas Hettwer, Vice President & Group Procurement Category Director at Capgemini, as they explored best practices for developing external workforce strategies to meet the demands of the 2021 landscape.

Watch the video to hear more on:

  • Why is external workforce such an important category of spend?
  • What does visibility mean for an external workforce strategy – and how may a business achieve it?
  • How can an external workforce strategy help to counter disruption?

Want to know more? Download SAP Fieldglass whitepaper on “Engaging The External Workforce: Procurement’s Role In Unlocking Value” published in partnership with Procurement Leaders, which looks at best practices to help develop an external workforce strategy, combined with technological capability.

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